Do you love fashion? Visit Armani/Silos – part II


As I promised in my last post, I’ll take you to make a virtual trip around the four floors of The Armani/Silos Museum that display more than 600 pieces of Giorgio Armani’s designs.

This museum offers a whole view of Armani’s world that expresses the dream of a timeless esthetic, which is why the suits have not been grouped following the chronology of the years that the collections were launched but taking into account the issues that have inspired Armani through his 40 year career as a designer.

I invite you to enjoy The Armani / Silos Museum. Let’s start!

Upon entering the exhibition area is Giorgio Armani himself who welcomes you.

Armani / Silos - parte II

Very original, right?

Then you enter to the section “Stars” where you can watch,  in a giant screen, the Armani’s encounter with The Hollywood World. A very impressive production.

At the same floor, you can find the section “Daywear” that receives this name because there are outfits for ladies and gentlemen that represent fashion in everyday life with simple but, at the same tme,  elegant designs.

Armani / SilosArmani / SilosArmani / Silos

Armani / SilosArmani / Silos

In the second level it is the section Esotismi” that means exotic, a theme that reflects the influence that have had the  oriental cultures in the creative work of Giorgio Armani.

Armani / Silos

Armani / Silos

Armani / SilosArmani / SilosArmani / Silos

Armani / Silos

Armani / Silos

In the third level you can find “Cromatismi” where the scenography transports you to a world of fantasy, which is decorated with fine clothes made from fabrics of different colors and textures.

Of course there is also a place reserved for the colors that represent elegance and distinction, the black and white area.

Armani / Silos

Armani / SilosArmani / Silos

In the last level are the “jewels” of the exhibition framed on “Luce”, which is a world of lights that welcomes you with wonderful glimpses from dresses made with bright stones applications and fine embroideries.

Armani / Silos

Armani / Silos

Armani / Silos

At this level also there is the Workstation, a room equipped with the highest technology, which contains the Archive Area of the designs of Giorgio Armani that are available to students and fashion lovers who wish to be inspired by the creations of some of the greatest representatives of the Made in Italy.

On the other hand, as a part of this exhibiton you can also find the accessories designed by Armani.

Armani / Silos

Armani / Silos

Armani / Silos

“The Armani Silos museum is a great gift to the city, made by a true friend of Milan as is Giorgio Armani. ”

Giuliano Pisapia, mayor of Milan

This post is only a foretaste of ” the show” that you could enjoy in the Armani / Silos museum. If you have the chance of visiting it, don’t hesitate because it is an excellent opportunity for “entering” into the fashion world.

If you liked this post, please share it  with your friends. It is worth spreading this gift that has made Giorgio Armani to the fashion lovers.

Giovanna Galleno

The Armani / Silos museum is located at Via Bergognone, 40 – Milan, Italy


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